Pieces Of Rock Climbing Gear

Climbing Ropes
They are essential safety equipment used in rock climbing and are made from braided nylon fibers. It is important to check the quality and construction of this rock climbing gear to see its strength can hold a person?s weight. Two type of climbing ropes are used: the dynamic and static rope. Dynamic ones are able to stretch under tension, especially during a fall. Static ropes do not have that flexibility, but are used in cases where a rope needs to be firm under tension, such as during rappelling.

Climbing Harnesses
They provide security and support for climbers. A typical harness used in climbing has a sewn nylon belt placed on the waist, and a pair of leg loops for the thighs. The support of the harness is directed towards the climber?s legs, making it comfortable for climbers during hang-ins.

Climbing carabiners
These rock climbing gear are constantly used. Carabiners are rings made of solid aluminium with a spring loaded gate to allow opening, and have different variations and designs. Most carabiners are inexpensive, strong, and versatile. It is important to be reminded that a climbing carabiner is safe until its gate is opened.

Active Protection: Spring-Loaded Camming Devices
A spring loaded camming device (SLCD) consists of a stem with an axle at one end holding four spiral-shaped spring-loaded cams. Climbers use this rock climbing gear to have a mechanism to retract the cams and place it in an area pointing down. It is then released which allows the mechanism to spring back against the rock making it more secure.

Passive Protection: Slings, Hexes, Nuts, Tricams
Passive protection uses different rock climbing gear which can be placed securely with no moving parts. Slings, hexes, nuts, and tricams have different specific uses. Generally they are lightweight, and are wedged into cracks of rock with difficulty in removing from one section, but easy to remove in another.

Climbing Helmets
Helmets are essential for protection in any type of climbing activity. These rock climbing gear are made from different kinds of materials such as plastic or fiberglass, and have an inner shell made of foam or a harness system. They should not be tight, but comfortable and have an adjustable chin strap. It should provide proper ventilation, and consider placing importance in choosing the right weight for your needs.